1. Select an item from the website Shop page.
  2. Click add to cart.
  3. Then click continue.
  4. Fill an information forum
  5. Choose the payment method from These 2
    Cash on Delivery
    Direct Bank Transfer
  6. Learn more at the Order Process page
No, an account is not compulsory to make an order. You can make an order by just sharing some of your information when you place your order. However, Wings want you to be a part of it. A member of Wings receives many gifts and discount offers.
This is one of the main problems of eCommerce. There is a slight change of colour and shading while you are switching from mobile to desktop. To overcome this we would like you to switch on a desktop while making an order.
Our delivery services are powered by Leopard. Once we dispatch the item from our warehouse, it is under our control but there are some terms and conditions Leopard holds. They do not allow customers to look at the product before paying for it.
You can check your order status by simply clicking on order status from the tab of your profile account or if you are not a member, click on order status from the top right and share your order number.
Express Delivery within 24 Hours: PKR 500.
Free Delivery within 2 – 3 Days PKR 0.
The delivery time is 2-4 Working days.
If the order is not confirmed by call or via email. We will put the order on hold for 1 week. Meanwhile, we will try to connect with you.